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I haven't summited Mount Everest ( yet!), biked across a country ( yet! ), or even visited every US state ( yet! ). But I have lived out of a van in New Zealand, backpacked through South-East Asia, and watched the sunrise from the summit of Kilimanjaro as I have strived, year after year, to create a life focused on adventure, exploration, and sharing the stories along the way.

My passion for photography started as a child playing with my mother's film camera. When I started to travel across the US in my teens, I was blown away by the vast differences in the landscapes. I would return home after each trip with hundreds of photos excited to share with friends and family what I had seen. As my travels expanded into Europe, the stories changed. It no longer was focused on WHAT I saw but encompassed HOW I felt. I was eager to share the feelings of my first time in a foreign country where the language barrier resulted in speaking to locals, without using words. I was fascinated with storytelling and describing the unique experiences I had.

Fast forward to today and I have combined this passion for photography and storytelling to capture stories from outdoor activities, lifestyle events, and my travels around the world to share them with a larger audience. I hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about the world through my lens, and I am excited to continue to develop new methods of storytelling, through my advanced technical background, to further bring these stories to life.